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This is what I was thinking in that 2010 draft..............FYI I said then.

This guy was drafted #49 in 2010 first off. What do you really expect to get in the last dozen picks? Marc Gasol, Scola, etc. are rare examples but not common ones. I was really hoping that the Spurs would trade up to get Lance Stephenson.(drafted at #40 same year) In my view it was worth trading #49 and a future second for him. Yeah he had tons of red flags and I'm not defending him on any of them. NBA wise he has had almost nothing come up off the court on him. He was drafted by Larry Bird. Yes it took him some years to develop but he came out after his freshman year. I had a late first round draft grade even with the red flags. I was not high on that pick. The kid is young and maybe he can still turn it around down the road. Talent wise Stephenson was off the charts though.

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