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This might be the one time the "we're old" argument can actually work in favor of the Spurs.

Tim Duncan isn't going to be around forever, and while Greg Oden isn't the scorer he is, learning from one of the best there ever was could only help him round his game out.

Keeping with that theme, I direct your attention to Tiago Splitter, who has blossomed under the watchful eye of Gregg Popovich and Big Timmy.

Coming in, Splitter had potential on both sides of the ball, yet it was unclear whether his talents could translate into success at the NBA level. Less than three years in, Splitter is now averaging 10.8 points and 5.4 rebounds in just over 23 minutes of action per game.

Just think of what Popovich and company could do for a more dominant presence like Oden.

San Antonio is the perfect balance of experienced and exuberant. They tend to push the ball, yet also don't hesitate to run the ball through the post.

Like the Heat, San Antonio also presents the opportunity to join a proven winner. Only difference (that matters) is the Spurs already have a low-post savant in Duncan and a Hall of Fame coach in Pop.

And if Oden is looking for a situation (and he should be) where he will be given the necessary tools to succeed and exposed to a culture that promotes winning, then San Antonio is the place for him.
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