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Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
I always had a feeling Butler was a Pop decision, seeing as he was a Knick under Larry Brown. I'm still surprised the Spurs consulted with John Hollinger, you'd a thought we would have known this.

also that kinda sucks they pinned the this move on the previous GM
people buy into his numbers way too much. he's a good guy to break down games and what teams do together, individually, etc. but numbers can't replace basketball savvy that coaches and other people have.

i can probably bet Hollinger wanted Prince in return for Gay because of some of his numbers with the Pistons. he's having a really good year, but the Pistons aren't a good team and he wouldn't play the same alongside different players and have the same numbers.

you look at the Jackie Butler brain fart and think about everything else after and you can tell the Spurs went with what needs the team lack and they got them. a great example on how numbers don't tell the story as far as coaching is Richard Jefferson. before RJ was a Spur, he put up good numbers as a member of the Bucks and never duplicated them on a better team.

for Grizz fans, they should be worried about how much influence the guy actually has in the front office.
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