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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
Cant say why he isnt playing for them teams he was on cuz I dont know and I dont think others do as well so I dont think its ok to Richards to do so but you have to think that him being 21 is why he has had these things going on and I think this Trevor is on it when he thinks Richards in Austin can do him some good and I am with him. He was good in SL and the team was ok with him then but SL or not he is raw and with that I think Pop would be good for him. Pop has did this before!
it's widely been reported. he quit on his national team, literally out of no where. then he stopped going to games for the second team after that. now he's parting ways with this one.

look them up, they've been reported from reliable sources on Project Spurs (cheap plug)
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