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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
Its that and he dont have a Pop for a coach but dont let him go cuz he will be good!
Trevor's a cool guy i know from Project Spurs, but he has a liking to Richards. dunno if it's his abilities or his potential, but he's stretching his opinion on what Richards really is.

the truth is the guy has bailed out on two of his last 3 teams with the most current one kicking him out. that's not being a raw player, that's just quitting on his teammates. i love Pop and think he connects with players, but not even Pop could stop Richards from quitting at this point especially if he gets on the kid like he gets on everyone else. can you imagine plugging him in instead of Baynes on that turnover mess in Dallas? with Bud screaming at him, he probably would've quit the next day knowing him.

safest bet is that we'll never see him in a Spurs uniform. his raw game on the court makes him a desirable project but his attitude towards the game and respect for his team makes him a huge gamble. i can't imagine a team taking a chance on him with 3 horrible experiences so close to each other.

btw that "raw player" description is strictly from summer league and not from his incidents of 3 teams in the past year.
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