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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Again, you're assuming that Bonner HAS to keep his legs on the floor to make a shot, which isn't the case. Yes, the other shooters move their feet, but they aren't running to the ball, they are shuffling their feet in the same space. Much different. Bonner actually does that about half his shots too. In that same video, Boobie Gibson is what you would call a traditional shooter and he did horrible. If you want to argue about a guy who would have done horrible in the three point shootout, look at Bruce Bowen's shot. He literally had to wind up for each shot.
so ur saying Bonner might not have to move his feet?

EVERY guy moved his feet! even the bigs (look at Dirk when he was in them). you have to move ur feet, he's not going to be too close to the rack and even if he is, he has to rotate for his right or left arm depending on the rack.

i think Bruce would've done poorly too, but that doesn't prove Bonner wouldn't either. Bowen needed to wind up but he also had to pigeon toe both feet and he'd be horrible with picking up his feet up to get the ball.

glad you saw they shuffle their feet in the same spot, but ur missing the point: they have a traditional motion. it doesn't matter if Gibson made his or not, his traditional motion helped him reset in mid air. look at those players and how a Ray Allen plays: he runs to the ball, gets the ball, sets with one foot, and recovers his form in mid air with his elevation. Bonner cannot do that, that's what your missing. Those guys in all the 3 point contests had traditional motions that helped them recover in mid air. Bonner needs his feet set and doesn't elevate while having a low shot. he'd have to literally chuck them up like if he was playing a basketball game at Dave & Buster's, rushing the shots and missing the majority of them. he wouldn't just miss the majority of them, he'd look horrible with his motion just chucking balls straight from his face.
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