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#3 didn't seemed logical to me. Sending Jackson for a big man will hurt us in SF position. We have tones of PG and SG in the roster but have only Kawhi and S-Jax in SF spot. Using Manu or Danny Green in SF (when Kawhi is on the bench or injured) will not help us. Moreover I do want to see S-Jax in our roster in PO times. Because that guy is clutch, experienced and can be used in high tension moments in play-offs. Moreover there is only 2 guys to defend Durant and Lebron in our roster and they're Kawhi and S-Jax.

That's why, I think we shouldn't use Jackson in a big man trade like that. We've already got Duncan-Splitter-Diaw. These guys' playing times will be extended in PO times and there won't remain more than 10 minutes for the new front-court guy.

That's why, if Blair is gonna be traded, it would be 1-1 (like scenerio 1 or 2).
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