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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post

Arguing with you is pointless. You put more words in my mouth than I could possibly say on my own.

Bolded are the things that I never said, my rebuttals, or you never said (like RANGE RANGE) You said STRETCH STRETCH. At least read your old posts before making idiotic rebuttals.

I am done arguing with you because you are too stupid.

Thanks for butchering my statement and throwing sh*t all over it like a first grader. So my turn to take one on you.

Choppsboy's posts followed by my replies in bold:

this is a trade that I actually like, but I want to challenge your assumptions about RJ.
What exactly are RJ's strong points? This isn't the same athletic young guy who can jump out of the gym to catch a passing point guards lob. Right now, the best offense for RJ is the Spurs offense. He can't drive anymore, he doesn't jump high anymore, he isn't particularly fast. I contend that all he can do now, for any team, is shoot threes and be invisible in all other respects. If the Spurs happen to release him (or trade him) he is going to we a worthless piece of crap no matter what team he plays for.

Of course, I am putting words in your mouth because you didn't explain why Adleman's offense, and Rubio are a perfect fit for RJ.

Him responding above to my trade idea. My stupid idiot trades so he has said in the But he likes to agree with so called morons and idiots on their

It is time to realize that Tim Duncan is done. He is not getting the job done at all. Every time Splitter and the 2nd unit comes into the game, things start turning around.

I love Duncan, but his time is OVER!

Plus minus is not the most reliable stat, but when Duncan plays 25 minutes, and his team goes down by 15 points while Splitter plays 25 minutes and during that time the team goes up by 14 points it is hart to argue against the fact that Splitter is more effective than Duncan.

Not to mention the fact that you can see it in the games. Duncan is slow. . . . . real slow. He isn't active at all. He has no more post up game at all. All he has left is a jump shot.

Thomson and Cousins dominated Duncan, but they didn't Dominate Splitter.

Another stupid post from Choppsnut. Isn't Tim an All-Star this year?

On a side note, Tim Duncan was the only player on the team with a negative +/-. The stat reflects the last 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter right after Splitter went to the bench replaced by Duncan. Duncan proceeded to play good defense, but lost the ball 3 times in the post and missed a jump shot.

Start Splitter and bench Duncan if you can't play them together. Stop giving TD the ball in the post.

Bench Duncan? Stop giving Duncan the ball? SAY NO TO DRUGS PEOPLE!

If it were a choice between Blair and Jefferson, I would keep Jefferson.

Wow! This guy is straight up crazy! And stupid basketball wise. And an idiot all wrapped into one pile of elephant feces and blue whale vomit!

I expect this to be the playoffs where Matt Bonner has that one game that makes his career with the Spurs.

A La Steve Kerr against the Mavericks.

Another bird brain post. Does it ever end? He made this statement last season before the playoffs. Was he dropped on his head as a child in his parent's trailer home???

James Anderson is on the team because he is on a 1st round rookie contract.
He can't be waived.

I think you can release players in the NBA right?lol

Erzem Lorbek is our best center option out there.

He has this weird man crush on this guy. He might be good and he might not be good. I think he just likes tall white dudes from different countries. I'm sure the knee pads are not far behind. Look out Erzem! RUN!

WANT MORE?????????????:applause
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