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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
There were several people a few years ago that said Parker had already lost a step and once he lost his speed he would be useless. Obviously, I argued against that theory. I said he would develop a shot and that footwork is the name of the game when you lose speed, ala Steve Nash. They also said he was past his prime when he was only 28.
Yep! I remember your previous posts re: TP. Tony sure did prove all those who doubted him wrong, didn't he? Right on Uwe Blab

Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
The recent winning streak has everything to do with TP's taking over the 4th quarter of games. Spurs haven't been blowing anyone out and only pull away when TP starts shooting from all over the floor and when the D finally locks down.

So Glad to see Tony taking CONTROLL with double L's because he is doing this with Authority and when it counts in the second half esp the fourth when it counts.... To CLOSE!!!! Great Reason this team is so consistent no other than the under rated TP who keeps wanting to do BETTER. Pop keeps challenging him and all Tony does is ANSWER with his GAME. Let his game talk about him. Let's hope he keeps it up! :drummer
Go Spurs Go!
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