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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Logical? Let's see you wanted to give TP 15 million a year for five years when he got 12.5 million per instead. Very logical. You always seem to want to overpay and or trade Spurs players with high dollar figures and over blown trade values. I have never proposed we spend a bunch of money on a free agent. So you are the biggest cap killer on this board. Bar none!

The Spurs have gone after big free agents. Jermaine O'Neal. Jason Kidd. Chris Webber. Yeah they didn't get them. My point exactly Biggest one they got was Derek Anderson. Just because they don't get them doesn't mean it won't ever happen. They have tried in the past. I'm not saying Splitter will not get paid. Just saying it's not a lock he comes back. You make it seem I hate the guy and don't want him back. Your imagination because I never said that Never said that.

As far as Millsap's range. Ok not a 3 point machine but is Diaw that much better? I said he had the range. RANGE. RANGE. You need to be a 3 point shooter to stretch the floor moronThe guy isn't that super old and with coaching on the shooting part with Coach Chip he could develop a deeper shot. Why spend a bunch of time coaching a guy to be something he isn't. Especially when we have Splitter already Remember Rip Hamilton could not hit a 3 pointer for years in the NBA? He now shoots a decent clip on there and is much older than Millsap. Player development is something the Spurs do well.

Again Tiago Splitter is a good player. Never said he wasn't. But you are saying that Milsap is much better. . . . Where is your proof? OH, you have none. only idiot talk like in this post. I have defended the guy on here since he got here. The only thing I said was he was not Scola Part 2 talent wise. I like stats but to say Millsap would suck stat wise . . another quote you pull out of your imagination with TP, Manu and TD is not a given. I'm sure he would put up numbers. Yes an opinion. Not something impossible. Also remember Utah is overloaded with bigs. That will drown out alot of bigs' stats.

Ok your opinion is to re-sign Splitter and do that other stuff but it's as good as gold if you type it. But if I have an opinion like trade RJ for SJax it's a stupid idea? Even though the Spurs actually did that trade lol. If I recall you implied SJax would ruin the team to include disrupt team chemistry? Again, your recollection is pathetic as I never implied this.Another one of your educated opinions that was wrong. Again. Again. WRONG! Baynes playing a lot next year? Wow just send the $1000 bucks right now.

Arguing with you is pointless. You put more words in my mouth than I could possibly say on my own.

Bolded are the things that I never said, my rebuttals, or you never said (like RANGE RANGE) You said STRETCH STRETCH. At least read your old posts before making idiotic rebuttals.

I am done arguing with you because you are too stupid.
I am never coming back to SpursReport because TimmyDthaWay2B is a horses ass.
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