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I'm dreaming here but in a hypothetical response if we actually did have these scenarios to choose from, I’d go with #1 or #3. Scenario #2 with O'Neal, we have a disgruntled 16 year vet who has injury problems and has no better days ahead of him. Trading Blair would be a waste. As for scenario #1, I saw Melo’s D-league game where he logged about 14 blocks and had a triple double during the Christmas holiday and I was impressed. He's tearing up the D-league. Granted, he’s raw and the D-league is not the actual NBA environment but he could give big man relief now in the form of intimidation under the basket and 6 fouls to waste on defense. He would be an excellent big man for the future, in my mind. Boston might want something extra than just Blair since Melo was an early 1st round draft choice. As for scenario #3, Humphries has a contract through the ’13-14 season at $12 mil and for both Jackson/Blair, I think he would pay dividends since he could step in immediately with good rebounding skills. As for scoring, he killed us around the rim with offensive rebounds and put backs. If I had to, #1 or #3 -- what the hell.
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