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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I went and watched that end of Dallas game again last night.

The coach Bud was the most one to blame for playing poor hustlers at the end of the game to seal it.

Few seconds before Coach Bud puts Baynes in series of things happened which sparked the Mavs to run on that run.

First that Ball which Carter claims he did not put thru the cylinder and the net and Coach Carlisle got MAD and got the T about THIS started that MONSTER SPARK to the Mavs to run that HARD at the end....

Spurs were just playing only on the offensive end and never bothered to play any more D so that added an extra 4 point to the Mavs. Now the game was already in jeopardy with the Spurs not playing D and poorly executing on the O too to add insult to injury.

Then a Spur throws a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG pass to another Spur there just to LOSE that Freaking ball in Turn Over to add more bonehead mistakes.....

Then Mavs do another few layups so easily....while Spurs players are ummmm watching...

Then Cocch Bud somehow decided to put Baynes in... Then the Mavs really smelled weak Spurs players.....

I saw Baynes decided to inbound it rather hoping Spurs guard could take it and milk the time not knowing how many defenders are around that guard Neal and with that crowd and aggressive arena Neal could not hold on to that ball....

partially Baynes is to blame but who put him through this THE HEAD COACH BUD.

Last night Spurs vs Suns Coach Bud played real good people at the end of the game so we can safely say he learned to seal it now and won't do this again.
I couldn't agree more. Coach Bud stopped coaching. Rick C. coached to the end.
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