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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
So this is why I don't usually like to make my "logical" arguments with you . . . . . it is mostly opinion. But I will do it this one time.

1st, You must not know anything about the history of the Spurs. The idea that we are going to make some big splash in free agency is ridiculous. It has never happened, and it will never happen. We don't do that. We WILL end up re-signing most/all of our guys. We WILL pay Splitter a lot of money, but not more than he deserves. And we will not go after some high priced free agent. That is just history.

2nd. Milsap a STRETCH 4. What a joke. You must not realize that the "Stretch" part involves making 3 point shots like Robert Horry, Matt Bonner, and Boris Diaw. Milsap has made 30 three pointers in his entire 7 year career. And he shoots an awesome 29% from there. Milsap is not a stretch 4. He has a decent mid-range shot, but that doesn't make him a stretch 4. Notice the MID part of mid-range shot. MID does not equal STRETCH.

In fact, Milsap's per 40 this year (20.53) is almost exactly the same as Tiago's (20.36). In addition, their rebound rate is identical (10.1). One big glaring difference between the two is Tiago know's how to Pick and Roll, and Milsap doesn't. Why on earth would we not re-sign Tiago to sign Milsap, or put Tiago on the Bench and Start Milsap? I know. . . . . WE WOULDN'T. Tiago will get paid less than Milsap (who will be overrated and overpaid by some desperate team).

Right now, The only thing milsap does better than Tiago is score, but it takes him 30 minutes per game to do it. Splitter does his work in only 27 minutes, and Splitter does a lot better job handling Big Men than Milsap does.

So if you want to figure out some way to bet. I will bet $1000 that the Spurs re-sign Splitter, Play Baynes a lot next season, and only sign a SF/PF type (not a PF/C type) to replace Jackson and/or Blair.

Put your money where your mouth (or should I say keyboard) is Brother.

Logical? Let's see you wanted to give TP 15 million a year for five years when he got 12.5 million per instead. Very logical. You always seem to want to overpay and or trade Spurs players with high dollar figures and over blown trade values. So you are the biggest cap killer on this board. Bar none!

The Spurs have gone after big free agents. Jermaine O'Neal. Jason Kidd. Chris Webber. Yeah they didn't get them. Biggest one they got was Derek Anderson. Just because they don't get them doesn't mean it won't ever happen. They have tried in the past. I'm not saying Splitter will not get paid. Just saying it's not a lock he comes back. You make it seem I hate the guy and don't want him back. Never said that.

As far as Millsap's range. Ok not a 3 point machine but is Diaw that much better? I said he had the range. RANGE. RANGE. The guy isn't that super old and with coaching on the shooting part with Coach Chip he could develop a deeper shot. Remember Rip Hamilton could not hit a 3 pointer for years in the NBA? He now shoots a decent clip on there and is much older than Millsap. Player development is something the Spurs do well.

Again Tiago Splitter is a good player. Never said he wasn't. I have defended the guy on here since he got here. The only thing I said was he was not Scola Part 2 talent wise. I like stats but to say Millsap would suck stat wise with TP, Manu and TD is not a given. I'm sure he would put up numbers. Yes an opinion. Not something impossible. Also remember Utah is overloaded with bigs. That will drown out alot of bigs' stats.

Ok your opinion is to re-sign Splitter and do that other stuff but it's as good as gold if you type it. But if I have an opinion like trade RJ for SJax it's a stupid idea? Even though the Spurs actually did that trade lol. If I recall you implied SJax would ruin the team to include disrupt team chemistry? Another one of your educated opinions that was wrong. Again. Again. WRONG! Baynes playing a lot next year? Wow just send the $1000 bucks right now.

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