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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Josh Smith wants max money. He is not a max guy in my vew. Millsap is not a center so why compare him to Splitter? Splitter is a FA FYI. Splitter is better than Millsap?? Dream on brother. Ellis was not on my list. So no comment on that. I think Tony Allen would be a huge improvement on Danny Green. As far as roster space. If Allen is signed.....move Green.
Well, I certainly don't want Smith for anywhere near the max, but he is the only player I would remotely be interested (however unlikely).

The reason I compare Millsap to Splitter is Milsap is going to sign somewhere as a starter. The only way he starts on this team is if Splitter sits because there is no way Duncan comes of the bench.

With Diaw and Baynes, we aren't signing a Big.

I bet we don't sign anyone except some obscure small forward to replace Jax.

AND YES, Splitter is better than Milsap in our system. We aren't going to sign milsap and then all of the sudden start playing 4 down again.
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