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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
Not gonna make a huge deal out of it but I got college and rookie basketball cards listing him at 6'11. Yes, It was will purdue in 99 when they were talking about the triple towers lol....just cause they're talking about the twin towers with drob ans timmy doesn't mean Timmy wasn't still just 6'11 and listed at 6'11. I remeber instances where they did in fact say that timmy was 7'0 but thoses where quite rare. My original point was still just pointing out that it was nice to see us get someone taller than 6'9.
Actually at Wake Forest he was listed at 6-10 and drafted at a listed 6-10. Also the Spurs media guides had him listed at 7'0 when he in fact was not 7'0. It wasn't rare. They did it for over half a decade.
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