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Of the Spurs reflected on this list, the only two I don’t see returning are Jackson and Blair (if there are no trades before the deadline). Jackson could be back if he’ll resign for much less than his present $10 mil salary. With the signing of Baynes, Blair is expendable and will probably be traded before the deadline, probably for a 2nd round pick. The Spurs will resign Manu to a 2-3 year deal for much less than he’s receiving now.

There are some intriguing players on this list, many of whom the Spurs cannot afford. Josh Smith’s name has been mentioned but I agree with Will that Smith sees himself as a ‘max’ player and is looking for a big payday. Someone else looking for a big payday is Paul Milsap and I think Utah will accommodate him. I think Al Jefferson can be had but he’ll have to come down on his salary demands if he wants to play with his idol, Tim Duncan. If you can believe the praise that Chris Kaman has been saying of late about the Spurs organization, you might think it’s a subtle hint or his verbal acknowledgement that he’d very much like to come to SA. Again, salary has to be lower than he’s receiving now. Of those remaining on the free agent list, if we have any unfilled roster slots available either by any unsignings or through trades, any one of the following might be had if salaries can be negotiated for the cheapest possible: Earl Clark (LAL), Martell Webster (Wash/42% 3pt FGP), Ronnie Brewer (NY), JJ Hickson (Portland) and Kyle Korver (Atlanta/47% 3ptFGP). Lastly, Tony Allen’s name has been mentioned above and I also like him as a perimeter defensive player but only if the Spurs cannot resign Jackson.

I feel if the Spurs are not active in making any trades before the Feb deadline, they will be this summer. It’s going to be very interesting. IMHO.
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