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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I don't see anyone on the list I would want except for maybe Josh Smith.

Why would we want Milsap? Is he going to play better than Splitter? I don't think so. What would we do with Manta Ellis? He doesn't play D and shoots when he shouldn't. He woudln't be an improvement over Danny Green.

I would like Tony Allen, but not over who we have now. . . . . You have to think about who has to go to make the free agent fit on the roster.
Josh Smith wants max money. He is not a max guy in my vew. Millsap is not a center so why compare him to Splitter? Splitter is a FA FYI. Splitter is better than Millsap?? Dream on brother. Ellis was not on my list. So no comment on that. I think Tony Allen would be a huge improvement on Danny Green. As far as roster space. If Allen is signed.....move Green.
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