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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Your acting like this guy is some 16 year old kid the Spurs signed as part of some promotional contest to sit on the Spurs bench and possibly play garbage time, then thrust into a life or death situation. He's 26 years old and has been playing pro ball in Europe and the Olympics for 4 years in addition to college ball at Wash State with two Tournament appearances (sweet 16 in 2008 as starter).
the guy is 26 years old with no NBA experience coming in to a game that's at a heated rival's homecourt on national television, you're telling me he's not supposed to be nervous?

Olympics are all well and good, but he's repping his country. the NBA is the big time and this kid was with a new team and teammates he's never played with before. we're talking nerves in a new situation with a new team he's trying to impress who's playing him millions of dollars, not skill. you can't downplay pressure.

i'm more questioning Bud's decision to put him in there when it wouldn't benefit him any and got him a scolding from a guy who was the one who made the decision in the first place.
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