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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Just to clear up the record, Baynes went into the game with 44 seconds left and the Spurs up 12. He stayed in the game after Blair stepped out of bounds with 6 seconds left and the Spurs up 9. He was subbed out after the turnover and the lead was cut to 4 with two seconds left. I can't really see anything wrong with the substitution pattern here.
if it was out of reach for the Mavs, Bud doesn't call a timeout and substitute Baynes out. you have another sequence where they turn it over and you possibly have a 4 point play somewhere (or 3 point play w/ missing the FT and they put it back in). 2 seconds is a lifetime in the NBA, all they need is .4 to get a shot up.

Originally Posted by disciple View Post
I completely disagree with this being wrong.

Even when the ball he passed in bounds was stolen there would have to be another mistake for the game to be in jeopardy.

Also, Neal was pushed out of the way when he passes it.
Neal has 35lbs over Collison, i seriously doubt he could push him out of the way that easily. if the game was sealed, Bud doesn't need to spend a timeout to get Green in there and yell at Baynes on national TV.

common sense tells coaches to ease in a new player in a blow out whether you're winning or losing, not with 44 seconds. what would be the point of that at an away game?

Originally Posted by thesuspence281 View Post
If I remember right, it looked like Blair or someone, I cant remember who was on the floor at the time, went to try to grab the ball to inbound it but Baynes got there first, possibly in haste, to try to inbound the ball before the defense was set which possibly shows his quick thinking yet poor execution. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?
yeah, which adds to Baynes being nervous. Blair isn't a good inbounder either with his height. with 44 seconds left, it costs you nothing to have ur best FT shooters on the floor up until the other team decides it's out of reach and they're not going to foul or go for a steal.
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