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Jackson Expiring Contract. Trade him?

I was watching TV last night in New York and they mentioned that the Spurs look like one player away from getting to the championship over OKC. They also mentioned that Jacksons expiring contract along with a Blair/Green type might get them a pretty good player in return. My question is do you think the Spurs might do something this year with the trade chips they have?

They also threw out a couple of names that the Spurs should go for, although I am not sure their Contracts status. They mentions a JJ Redick or a Josh Smith could help push them to the finals. Redick looks like he does the same thing as Gary Neal to me. Am I missing something with him?

Any other names out there you would like or could see them going for? Or do you think they will let his contract expire for a FA at the end of the year? Not even sure who is going to be a FA and if they would be better then a trade candidate. I think Josh Smith is a FA though.
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