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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i think that's also why you don't do it since he doesn't know Neal's tendencies, but Bud did go after Baynes and not Neal on it.

you can tell he didn't draw it up either. on a full court press, you don't want 3 or more of your players so close together, that helps the defense bring in a huge amount of pressure on the inbounder and the rest of the players. it didn't seem to have any coaching at all or them being spread out (like a real play would).

also, why even have Baynes in there to start with? Splitter and Diaw are way better passes than Baynes on the team. why Bud didn't have either Splitter/Diaw inbounding with Parker/Ginobili/Jackson/Green or Mills (for speed) out there is beyond me.
Your acting like this guy is some 16 year old kid the Spurs signed as part of some promotional contest to sit on the Spurs bench and possibly play garbage time, then thrust into a life or death situation. He's 26 years old and has been playing pro ball in Europe and the Olympics for 4 years in addition to college ball at Wash State with two Tournament appearances (sweet 16 in 2008 as starter).

He had two choices to make...accurate pass to a cutting Neal or call a timeout. He should have called a timeout. It ain't on the coaching staff, it is on Baynes.

But this of course is just part of the natural progression of the Spurs fan's opinion brand new big men...Next David Robinson ready to start at once, to doe eyed rookie just needing to learn the Spurs system, to finally slacker goat who is the reason the Spurs didn't win a championship. It took 41 seconds to make the first step, I hope the second downgrade doesn't come just as quick.

Also, perhaps it is good we got this out of the way early so he can go down to Austin and start training to eventually perhaps sit at the end of the bench come playoff time.

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