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Originally Posted by Guapo View Post
It happed to turn into an in-bound situation after a basket. No big deal. Hundreds of those during a game, but the pressure and Gary Neal's unexpected momentum/movement caused the turnover.

Its not like Bud drew it up that way or something, geez!
i think that's also why you don't do it since he doesn't know Neal's tendencies, but Bud did go after Baynes and not Neal on it.

you can tell he didn't draw it up either. on a full court press, you don't want 3 or more of your players so close together, that helps the defense bring in a huge amount of pressure on the inbounder and the rest of the players. it didn't seem to have any coaching at all or them being spread out (like a real play would).

also, why even have Baynes in there to start with? Splitter and Diaw are way better passes than Baynes on the team. why Bud didn't have either Splitter/Diaw inbounding with Parker/Ginobili/Jackson/Green or Mills (for speed) out there is beyond me.
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