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Anyone else confused on why

Coach Bud put Baynes in, a rookie who's never played in the NBA from overseas, a pressure situation for inbounding the ball at an away game while the game could still be decided?

i know Baynes is at fault for the pass, but at the same time he's never played with those guys except Mills. he doesn't know most of their tendencies or how they like passes, how they end to cut to the basket, etc.

just seemed odd he'd try that. i can honestly say Pop would've never done that or even thought about it. Bud is a newbie too at head coaching in an NBA game, so he's not perfectly comfortable either. i was just weirded out how he also scolded Baynes, like he was supposed to know what exactly to do on a play where the kid is most likely nervous as hell. hope it's not a confidence breaker either.
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