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Chris Kaman giving the Spurs some love

Chris Kaman On fans following players more than they follow a specific team.

“One exception to that is the Spurs. They understand what they have. That’s why David Stern hates the Spurs. I probably shouldn’t say that but he doesn’t like when the Spurs are in the finals because the ratings go down. People say that all the time. I don’t know how true it is but you hear stories all about that is that the ratings are down. Their basketball is the purest basketball you’re going to find, in my opinion, in the NBA, just watching them play. They play a nice pace game. They’re defense is solid. Their plays are solid. They get all their guys involved. That’s why when he sat them guys against the Heat and sent them home, they still almost won that game.”

I know he is with the much hated Dallas Mavericks, but I believe he only signed a 1-year deal with them, and I would love to see him in a Spurs uniform next season. I think we're all expecting Bonner and Blair to move on after this season and who knows what will happen with Splitter, so the Spurs should have some money to invest in a legit Center. He would be the best C we've had since Robinson. Sorry Nestrovic fans...
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