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Greeting Card to Pop

This is Get Well Soon Card for Greg Popovich.

Please respect the spirit of this post and not include any derogatory comments towards our coach in this. If the moderators would please delete any such posts it would be appreciated so this can remain pure to the intent.

For all of you that would send a Get Well Soon Card to encourage any friend or family member that was ill and, like me, have no recourse to get one to Pop, I offer this post. Though he is not a friend he is part of the Spurs family.

Please take this opportunity to add to this greeting in your own words.

Coach Pop,

I want to wish you a quick recovery to health. You are missed each and every day you are away. You are a comforting cornerstone for all that are part of the Spurs family. Your leadership and compassion for our city and this franchise is recognized by all inside and outside of our family. My best wishes for your rapid and complete return to what you obviously love. Thank you for all you do.
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