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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
Sneakers or not, this guy still blocks out the sun to me and would fill a door way. To top that, he reminds me of Paul Bunyan minus Babe the Blue Ox. And in some of the pictures I've seen of him, the way his hands cover the ball, he might give Kawhi a run for his money on who has the bigger mits. He's a 'big' in my book. All that's left is --- can he play? I anxiously await to see for myself.
I saw the hand on the ball picture too, but I was wondering if the euro ball is a bit smaller the the nba ball? First plus.... He's not 6-8 playing center. And looks like he's a little more agile than they give him credit for. Hell, it took Tiago a bit to get to where he is now. But at least this guy played some college ball before he hit the euro league. Add the scheme he played over there mimics some of SA stuff, Brett Brown and Patty can sure help. Not to mention the Toro stints he'll get with De Colo and Joseph. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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