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Matt Bonner Farewell Tour 2013

Per Project Spurs:

Right now, the Spurs have a combined $30 million in contracts coming off the books this summer. That's Manu, Jackson, Tiago Splitter (restricted free agent), DeJuan Blair (restricted) and Gary Neal (restricted). Matt Bonner's contract is only guaranteed for $1 million if he's waived by June 29th, so that could be an extra $3 million off the books. Additionally, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills have player options on their deals. We'll assume they don't opt of their deals but the Spurs do waive Bonner and say they have approximately $33 million in expiring contracts which would get them about $23 million in cap space.

There is your proof boys!

FYI NBA Draft is June 27th. So he will be gone by that time.

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