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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
depends on where your view was. if Kawhi was closer to you, then he'd look taller than whoever was farthest.

thing is, if he's 6'10" in Europe without shoes, no way would they mess up by a whole 3-4 inches. he's gonna be taller in the NBA than Europe with shoes. all you really need is his highlights in college and overseas to see how tall he is compared to other centers. it is pretty hard to try to measure up a guy without some form of measurement too.

remember Kawhi isn't wearing his sneakers off the court. he's probably wearing some taller shoes that would give him an inch or two in height while Bane was wearing normal sneakers.
Well, neither was dressed to play so either could be wearing something other than sneakers.

If I had heard no measurements or discussion and just had to guess by what I saw, I would say he is 7'.
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