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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Still don't see your point. Even if it was absolutely impossible for Bonner to make a shot while not having his feet in concrete on the floor, the shoot out would be the perfect setting for him. He reaches for the rack without moving his feet and shoots. And do it over again. It's not like his rhythm is off once he comes back down for the next shot. How do you think he practices? He takes shot after shot. Again, I'm not saying he would win, I'm saying he wouldn't be as bad as you think.
yes Uwe, he takes shot after shot, but (99.9% of the time) they have a ball boy or a teammate pass him the ball straight away giving him a chest pass. he doesn't have to reach for it. i'm not saying he'd win either, that's exactly the point why i think he shouldn't be in it. his shot isn't made for the contest. as a top 3 point shooter, he'd likely embarrass himself and miss the majority of the shots. i don't like the guy's game on the floor, but i'm not heartless enough to see him get embarrassed on national tv.

look at that vid and tell me if any of those guys stay stationary in their position while grabbing a ball and shooting the rock.

Bonner is way more dependent on his overall form than those guys because they can recover to their true form in the air because they use their legs. Bonner doesn't come close to using his legs.
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