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Originally Posted by SilverSpur View Post
The Lakers needed to talk. So they did. Loudly. They held a clear-the-air team meeting before Wednesday morning's shoot-around, with Kobe Bryant very directly asking Dwight Howard if he disliked playing with the long-time Lakers star. "Guys went at each other a little bit," said a person who witnessed the meeting.

Bryant also spoke up, acknowledging he could be "hard to play with" and asking Howard if that bothered him. Howard's answer was unclear, though he did not engage Bryant in nearly as vocal a manner as Bryant engaged him. "He didn't go back at Kobe," said the person who witnessed the meeting. It was not known how long the actual meeting lasted, but the Lakers' shoot-around went an hour longer than expected.

Lakers 'went at each other a little bit' in morning meeting [Update] -
Throw in the coach's ego too.
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