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Sizing up Aron Baynes

There has been a lot of discussion about how tall Aron Baynes is. He is listed as 6' 10" but in Europe they measure you barefoot. It has been mentioned that in the NBA they measure you with your shoes on. In the past players have messed with their recorded height for different reasons.

At last nights game I got to compare. Baynes was standing next to Kawhi Leonard behind the bench. From my angle it looked as though Kawhi's head came up to Aron's neck or maybe his chin. I don't know how big Bayne's head is (funny thing to say) but mine is 9"(no jokes please).

My angle must have been a little off because Leonard is 6' 7" tall. However, even if my angle was off so my view was incorrect some it would be easy to accept that the difference in the two had to be at least 4 inches and could easily have been 5 inches.

Do the math. Baynes is NOT 6' 10".
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