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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he has to set his feet every time since he's not "pigeon" toeing it. check out his mechanics from a couple of highlights (if there's any on YouTube) and you'll see how precise he actually has to be to get it off or else he puts it on the floor. he uses some leg but mostly arm and his follow up on the shot takes a sec or two longer than traditional. you're probably looking at around 3 or 4 seconds longer overall than any other guy competing.

good point. he starts off low but then goes high. the thing about the way he shoots is he has to be completely in motion to get the shot off, sorta like a statue. compare other shooters and how they grab the ball then use their legs to jump, the elevation gives them somewhat of a chance to get back in motion a bit or square up. Bonner doesn't elevate mostly and has to be stationary for it.

if the dude can get in, all power to him. i'd hate for him to try it and either miss the majority of them because he can't get in his groove or get in a groove and not get to the 4th rack
Go watch some old three point shoot outs. They are ALL taking set shots. They aren't sprinting through the thing.
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