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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
that's in a game though. the pass has to be on point for him to catch then release with a slower mechanism. now you're talking about running to a rack, grabbing a ball on the side, positioning his feet, then positioning his arms in the motion (low close to his face), then releasing and doing that over. a traditional motion is overhead and guys usually keep their feet set throughout (right handers keep their right foot in place) and launching a higher percentage shot.

better way to explain it is like this: guys who enter the contest can run to the ball during a game and catch and shoot because the motion allows them too. Bonner absolutely can't come close to that and that's something the players do during the contest.
But in the contest, the only time they run to the ball is that first sprint to the rack. After that, it's set shots until they have to go to the next rack. He'd be slow, but a shot is a shot, and he shoots a high percentage.
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