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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
No sir, time will not heal this. Only Kobe's retirement or firing D'Antoni will do the trick.
being from Arizona, i totally agree with you. D'Antoni's systems have allows been dependent on a pass first PG and an athletic big man. The Lakers have that, but they also have Kobe.

if you check out the article (yes cheap plug), check the stats from the Phoenix and this year's Lakers that make sense and you'll know exactly what's the problem. this isn't Nash or D'Antoni's team until Kobe stops taking too many shots. when he takes around 20+ or so, they lose. there's no ball movement at all.

If Mike Brown would've ditched the Princeton Offense and gone with a traditional offense (i.e. 5 Down, a Kobe play, and an occasional pick and roll with Nash) it would've worked. this team can't work in a Suns style where everyone shares the ball.
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