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Originally Posted by bills0 View Post
I don't understand all this angst over the Lakers. Until they are healthy and play under D'Antoni's system for a while, no one really knows what the Lakers team is capable of.
I don't agree. We are looking right now at what they are capable of. They will never be healthy because of how old they are, and the fact that Howard is going to have back issues the rest of his career. We know what D'Antoni's system is, and it doesn't mesh with ball hog Kobe. That isn't going to change.

Time will not bring them together.

Hell, they just announced that Gasol will be coming off the bench. Wow, what a joke. Why is he going to come off the bench? Because D'Antoni is too stupid to be able to adjust to the skills of his players. If Pop can figure out how to play Duncan and Splitter at the same time, why can't D'Antoni figure out how to play Howard and Gasol? Especially when Gasol is such a good passer and can play very well in the high post.

No sir, time will not heal this. Only Kobe's retirement or firing D'Antoni will do the trick.
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