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Originally Posted by bills0 View Post
I am going to dissent on the basic premise here. I don't think that Splitter has gotten much better over the last three seasons. He has always been this good. He just has gotten more minutes. His per 48 minutes stats from his three seasons in San Antonio have been about the same.

Pop has said several times that Splitter has been doing what he is doing now all along, the latest being after the Golden State game. He was saying the same thing last year as well. The only big difference from season to season is a steady increase in playing time.
One more item to add to the mix is that he's now doing it against the other team's best players.

He has gotten better. Instead of putting up decent numbers against the other team's scrubs/backups, he's now doing it against much better players. Maybe the number are the same, but the contribution is better.

Is he the new Rasho? Always where he needs to be defensively (not quite) but with minimal offensive contributions (Splitter way up). But averaged, his plusses absolutely outweigh the minuses.
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