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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
a championship contender doesn't want or need him and wants to let him go.

we want to give him away for a bag of chips, but no one's giving in yet. anything in return for Blair is a good trade for the Spurs over waiving him.
Maybe they don't want a bag of chips. Maybe the FO will give him up for cap space. I don't see anything that makes this impossible. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords.

Two teams want to make a trade. Both are over the salary cap. They have a perfectly valid trade.
Team A - Brings in $7M
Team B - Brings in $9M
Spurs call Team A, see if they want Blair. No chips, no top 59 protected second round pick. No nothing. Take Blair, and his contract. All part of the trade.

Spurs get the cap relief. Team A gets a moody rebounder, but maybe it's a fit.
Does the CBA allow this?
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