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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he's been playing well since the start of the season, way before Baynes was being thought of


problem with him finding comfort is that the reason he's playing extremely well is that he's aggressive. that doesn't come with the system of the Spurs, just a mindset.

the last 2 years he wouldn't think about dunking it, now he dunks it every chance he gets. he wouldn't think about putting a hook shot up until this year nor was he even jumping as high as he could securing rebounds. those are all things he could've done if he wanted to before.

dude wants his money and he's playing to his potential because of it.
I couldn't agree more. Pop's system is daunting, and it has a tendency to keep players leashed until they master it.

While it's certain that some of Tiago's improvement comes from his figuring out how his talents can work against top NBA competition, much of his improvement comes from learning how the Spur mechanism works and what his role is within it.

Rasho looked restrained and hesitant until TD injuries demanded that he open up and react instinctively. It took TP years to feel comfortable to become the All-Star he's become. SJax was chained to the bench for a full year before Pop let him play with his full enthusiasm.

Even now, Kawhi has yet to bring his full offensive skills to bear and Nando dials back the sort of razzle-dazzle he showed in his European career while learning the ropes.

I'd be amazed to see Tiago as a one-season wonder, hungry only for a contract. The guy's a keeper who will be a major building block as the team moves forward.
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