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Originally Posted by stuffedmushroomz View Post
I believe it is. He is playing to keep
his starting job or to Not be on the
Trading block. Just a thought, what y'all
think? Either way I'm glad he has picked
up his production.
he's been playing well since the start of the season, way before Baynes was being thought of

Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
2 words....Contract year!

Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
This has nothing to do with it being a contract year. After all, he's not an American AAU trained, one and done college player who thrives on dunks, sports center and has the it's all about me way of thought.

He is one of those team first players who's spent his time learning how to play team ball and this is the FIRST time that Pop has completely trusted him, that he's been healthy and he is constantly showing improvement.

The way he's been playing this year, the way he's holding his own against the bigs in the West is impressive. And hopefully he'll be able to negate some of the OKC length when the Spurs face them.

And if only he keeps it up during the playoffs
problem with him finding comfort is that the reason he's playing extremely well is that he's aggressive. that doesn't come with the system of the Spurs, just a mindset.

the last 2 years he wouldn't think about dunking it, now he dunks it every chance he gets. he wouldn't think about putting a hook shot up until this year nor was he even jumping as high as he could securing rebounds. those are all things he could've done if he wanted to before.

dude wants his money and he's playing to his potential because of it.
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