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You know, I kind of sympathize with Coach Karl but I got to wonder where his personal input was when Denver agreed to pay McGee $10+ mil per year over the next 4 years. That kind of salary sends out mixed signals, particularly to a young kid like McGee who, as the article implies, likes to lend toward the spectacular vs listening to his coaches and teammates. What Duncan has, McGee can’t have, and that is the basic fundamentals of basketball. Duncan has lived and breathed it for his entire basketball life; McGee doesn’t know its definition. McGee’s athleticism may very well put him heads and shoulders above a lot of NBA players but I think he’s been deprived of a lot of oxygen too flying around up there. Somewhere along the line, this kid has taken a detour and isn’t focused on what he can truly be and how to get there. It’s surprising too since his mother Pam was a very good ballplayer in her own right. But until somebody can get through to this guy, I’m afraid the only thing Coach Karl can look forward to is a weekly input to Youtube on McGee’s reoccurring bloopers.
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