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i'll disagree to an extent. yes he's new to the Spurs and the NBA, but this isn't the same team we had a few years back. When McDyess, Jefferson, and Bogans were here and starting, we had 3 new faces with the team who couldn't help each other since they were learning on the fly.

if he does play this season, it will be a similar situation Nazr came into in 2005. the Spurs were desperate for big help and they had a core starting that knew the system (we have a starting unit right now that's playing well) and our bench with Diaw/Ginobili/Jackson/Mills may be enough to take any pressure off of him and actually give him some open looks to do his thing.

again i'm not putting my hopes up that he'll get huge minutes, but don't be surprised if the guy is given minutes this year. with the bench that we have and the versatile team that's playing well, the kid could fit in without much pressure to meet his expectations.
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