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Originally Posted by Izriel View Post
I was at the game last night but I could not tell who and what the tech. was on. Does anyone know why? I just saw Timmy score get excited and then a Grizzlie was at the line shoot a free free throw
Timmy Duncan thought that he was hacked in the paint by those Mafia Grizs Bigs! He told the ref after that empty offensive trip he was hacked but no call was to be heard... So TD got the Technical and the Grizs went to the line for one free throw for that technical on TD.

By the way this was one heck of Spurs Guts Grind it Spurs game.

Spurs Exceeded their expectations in this game and Thank Goodness for all of them stepping it up!!!

I was most impressed with my main man Splitter and our VERSATILE & Crafty player Boris Diaw.

Cap'n Jack was GREAT of that bench and filled up the stat sheet. And of course Leonard was phenomenal...

Of course Timmy Duncan was the MASTER of Defense and was Fantastic. And Tony lead the team with his Unbelievable plays like an MVP!

Great win for the Spurs but they can never get complacent with this win. Still Spurs did a pretty good job vs. Memphis.

Let's kill Golden States on Friday now!!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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