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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
That is what the key thing we have nothing official yet on this!!!

Makes me think maybe just maybe Spurs are not sure the want to go that route. Maybe just maybe there is another route appeared at the same time and Spurs FO want to use the paper/visa excuse to extend that time until the trade deadline had gone.. If by trade deadline that other option did not pan out, then be all means bring Aron here.
Spurs did the same with Mills last season. the team already thanked Baynes for his contributions on Twitter, it's all but official now and that'll probably happen when Visa issues are straightened out.

thing is, if the team wished him farewell, he's already bought out, and signed. i don't think the Spurs are dumb enough to buy him out for free agency and not sign him. the Spurs have one spot open but we usually leave that for emergency (like if we're tanking a game and need another guard or an injury comes up where Joseph can't fill in). Oden is a possibility, but it's just intrigue by the Spurs for Oden.

IF the Spurs can sign Oden for cheap (multiple years likely) this year, it'd be basically the same as if we signed him in the offseason. these are my two cents on it though:

big man signing isn't dependant on Oden or Baynes, it's more Splitter. he's a free agent and no one knows how much he'll command over his qualifying offer. the Spurs might want to stock up on bigs in case he plays extremely well and not want to break the bank on a guy who's succeeding on a contract year. It's really all about the playoffs. If Tiago shrinks, he's gone. If he can contribute, it gets tricky. If he extremely overplays his actual worth, then the Spurs are in a lose-lose situation since he might kill any cap hopes for next year with Manu/Jax gone and he might play this well until his next contract is up (lose-lose being an aging team and we're not getting a dominant guy in return for big money).
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