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I guess the key issue here is the risk factor and cost of putting him in, as it won't be for more than 2 years and it might not even work as PP is used to being the focal point and having the ball in his hand.

If they bring him in he has no real time to connect with the team and figure out how he fits in, which worked with Diaw but that was mainly because he realised he was a role player doing less than he had previously to provide D, boards and passing (with some shooting). PP on the other hand is a scorer and would he be ok with being the 3rd or 4th option?

I still think to give up a player with so much potential who is already giving so much to the team and will be able to do so for over a decade barring injuries is too much of a cost/risk for the minimal return we will get.

BTW we will never be a Championship favourite no matter who we bring in, we are to small a market..... ohhh and we are old and boring.
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