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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Still a lot of work to do in getting this team ready for the playoffs.

They were just out of sync last night and it's a growing pain.
My guess is Pop would not play neither Patrick nor Nando or any of the third option guys now until he completely improves the first and second unit.

So the Rest of the third unit will not see floor minutes unless it is a blow out and the Spurs first and second current units are in control and keeping that lead.

The other time to see the third unit guys is when we have a B2B where Pop is just having fun experimenting to rest starters.

That is the challenge and we need to trust in Pop he has a method behind this madness.

It is so obvious that when Tony goes to the bench to take a breather, there is no one who can handle the point guard. It PAINS me to see them all fluster and lose that ball and Commit that many turn overs....

This is done by committee and ALL Spurs are committing those turn overs.

At half time last game vs Lakers, Coach Bud was telling Andrew Monaco that Spurs needed to (Take care of the ball better) AND (Move the ball more).... But how could the Spurs move that ball without committing those TO....That was the dilemma. Other teams are playing the passing lanes and stealing those balls more easily now..... And Spurs are being less careful with that ball as they are trying to run the super difficult offense they had to do as a TEAM.... Vs one one who can take over.... That is the biggest challenge now esp when TP is at the bench.

Let's hope Spurs figure it out soon and go back to basics and share that ball more and play like a TEAM instead of one on one so they can come back to that rhythm they had when they had that winning streak earlier this season.

How much Pop wanted to win that game by keeping that tight rotation you can see.... And mission accomplished by pulling teeth Spurs win but with more difficulties. That is because they are learning through and solving that puzzle Pop put!!
Go Spurs Go!
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