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How long can Manu play?

Very good article and good to hear he wants to continue after this season. Let's just hope and pray he can stay relatively healthy and that those back problems don't rise up again.

On days that he's feeling great, Ginobili says he feels like his engine can keep going. But on those nights when he's just achy after a tough battle, the feeling of whether it's time to hang up his sneakers creeps in.
The 35-year-old told Fox News Latino that at the beginning of the season his back "was hurting a lot" and he wasn't able to be in shape. "But now I'm feeling well without any pain," he says.
"When you're like that, your desire comes back and you feel good. If everything ended the way it does (today), I will tell you I'd keep playing. I'm not sure until when but I will keep on," he adds.

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