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BSPN Roundtable: TD vs Kobe

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan have combined for nine titles, three MVP awards and 27 All-Star appearances. Not too shabby. Which future Hall of Famer has been more impressive this season? Where do they rank among the best players in history?

1. Kobe or Duncan: Who has been more impressive this season?

Israel Gutierrez, Kobe. Have to give the edge to Bryant, mostly because he's having a strong statistical season while trying to settle a house of chaos. Duncan is having a renaissance season but it's still within familiar surroundings. Plus, Kobe's playing nine more minutes a game.

Andrew McNeill, 48 Minutes of Hell: Duncan. Kobe's numbers have been great this season, but we've seen this level of production from him recently. With Duncan, the performances he's had this season were supposed to be a thing of the past. The Big Fundamental is putting up box scores harking back to his prime.

Daniel Nowell, Portland Roundball: Duncan. For all the well-deserved plaudits that Kobe is receiving this season for maximizing his efficiency, Duncan is playing better ball on a better team at an older age. Advanced metrics suggest that both Duncan and Kobe are turning back the clock in extraordinary ways, so this is the smallest of leads for Timmy.

Darius Soriano, Forum Blue and Gold: Kobe. What both are doing at this advanced stage of their careers is phenomenal, but Kobe has been slightly more efficient in terms of PER and has shot better when you account for free throws and 3-pointers. Add in that Kobe is playing nearly 10 more minutes a night than Duncan, and I lean toward No. 24.

Timothy Varner, 48 Minutes of Hell: Duncan. His return to form is more impressive because of how unnatural it seems. Could anyone have expected that Duncan, who will be 37 by the end of the season, would be a leading candidate for defensive player of the year while posting per minute averages that rival his career best?

NBA -- Kobe Bryant vs. Tim Duncan debate - ESPN
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