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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
wasn't the Mills hold up because of his passport?

Mills eventually did come and play that season, enough to make an impact. i'll disagree with McDonald a bit since we're running a 3 big rotation for the majority of the games and occasional small ball. we can wait for him, but they'll be hurrying to bring him in.

you watch the vids, even if he doesn't pan out James White/Luis Scola hype style, he'll still be loads better than Blair & Bonner

Spurs No Doubt Need such a talented 7 footer.. That is for sure!!!

But WHEN!!!!???? I can't wait for 2 MONTHS... Let's hope less than 2 Months....Visa or Passport of whatever routine paper issues could take a while.... So I am just waiting cautiously to hear Baynes made it safe to our San Antonio land.....

Here is the latest Tweet from Jonathan Givony (Draft Express)
Jonathan Givony ‏@DraftExpress

Details of the Aron Baynes contract are still sketchy. I'm not sure about the years or $, so take what I wrote earlier with a grain of salt
Following this CBS news flash most updated half an hour ago..

Reports: Spurs sign Australian big man Aron Baynes
By Royce Young | Blogger
January 9, 2013 4:36 pm ET

The Spurs again have gone the international route to restock their roster.


According to multiple reports, the Spurs are close to signing a multiyear deal with Australian center Aron Baynes. The Spurs reportedly bought out his contract for $400,000.

Baynes, 26, currently plays for Union Olimpija Ljubljana in the Euroleague and averaged 13.8 points and 9.8 rebounds, establishing himself as maybe the best big man in Europe. He's a seven-footer, and known for his tough, physical style.

Draft Express reports the deal is for $3.5 million over four years, with the last two years being team options.

Baynes played collegiate basketball at Washington State.

The Spurs currently have only 14 players under contract, including six who are international players.

McDonald had not had the insider yet, but you know how our Spurs FO they would not let any info leaking to any insider info that easily esp to local media....

It would be a real Treat to have him here!!! Happy for TD and Splitter because those 2 are MUCH needing him....

And Pop kept telling us for the last few weeks about this "foreign kid"!!
Go Spurs Go!
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