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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he's on his old contract at $5 million this year. you're saying he'll be worth $15+ million in 2015-2018?

with the new CBA, that's definitely franchise cornerstone money
You can look at it a couple ways.
First, Lin is a steal at $5M/year for years 1 and 2. If he's still there for the third year, you paid $8M+/year for your starting point guard. Not real outrageous money.

If he isn't your starting point guard, then he's overpaid. That's how the first month of the season looked.

If he's just average in years 1 and 2, then he's a $15M expiring contract in year three. We'll see what value that has with the new CBA in 3 years.

Asik, on the other hand, has been well worth the same contract. but the same numbers apply in year three.
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