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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
How long was Malik Rose in the Pop's Doghouse? He still ended up with two rings. Contributing to both of them. So your main point sounds good but it's not always the case when someone falls off in a rotation. SJax was benched in Milwaukee before his trade to GS. Did the guy have no more talent left in him? On the big for small debate.........Bogut for Ellis last season. So again ample amount of examples for you.

You bring up DeJuan's knees a lot but they have not been mentioned once here in SA as problems on tv or print. Also why does he have to leave if he does good there? They have tons of cap space right now. They themselves can lock him up. Don't think the Spurs getting O'Neal and mid to bottom conditional pick as a steal for the Spurs. Hardly! O'Neal broke down last year and was out for a long while and was not in the playoff run if I recall correctly last year.

You know Sarver more than I do. I concede that to you. On the pick thing......Like I said you can't have all rookies and second year guys. Second round picks are not NFL level second round picks. They are long shots mainly at #41 and above. Blair is still young and they would audition him for the rest of the year to possibly KEEP HIM. They are under the cap right now as stated. Also Phoenix/surrounding areas is an awesome area to live and players like to live there right?? Am I wrong? Great weather. Great food. And hot women. It's paradise for NBA players. I'm not spinning things. It's a gamble for both teams not a steal for the Spurs.
compare the NBA that Rose competed in to the NBA that Blair competes in, WAY different. fewer bigs who were athletic and were versatile back then, now it's the norm. Jax's situation was different too. the Spurs wanted him for years and it was to the point RJ was stinking up the joint that they'd gamble on Jackson.

i mentioned his knees, but you're misunderstanding what i meant by them. when the Spurs drafted Blair, it was to experiment to see if he could bring his college potential to the NBA. now we've seen that he's brought mostly what he will to the league, with no problems to his knees, so he's reached his ceiling as far as potential impact will go. Phoenix is over the cap right now and will have around $6 million or so next year to work with, about close to the mid-level exception money, so they don't have a lot to work with (especially if they try to trade for Rudy Gay, that'll leave their cap situation worse because one player will be taking up more money for others).

no they wouldn't audition him to keep him next year, that's the whole thing with Sarver. look at the team he has now. he wants at least one person to sell tickets (i.e. Nash last year by himself) and keep everyone cheap. look at the Suns' roster, their main players (Dragic, Gortat) are all under $8 million a year). this guy has a ton of money, he just doesn't want to spend it. it's better to look at it this way: if Blair goes to Phoenix and impresses, he'd probably be worth $5-6 mill a year (with their system, he'd inflate his worth) next year. Sarver would rather take his chances on signing someone like Blair in the offseason for the minimum and then low ball him if he outplays his contract (Joe Johnson situation). if he doesn't get a guy like Blair, he can draft a second rounder with no guaranteed deal for multiple years at cheap to produce the same as Blair or an over the hill vet for the same contract (ex. Jermaine O'Neal). he'd rather keep the pick and cheap contracts.
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